Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

about biotechnology


Modern era brings our life with everything are modern. Everything can be done by machine. Because of that, humans can get anything easier. The researchers and scientists are increasingly creative to create something useful and can simplify life. A variety of innovations are created with the technology. In farming industry technology are very useful and profitable for farmers. One of them is biotechnology.
            What is biotechnology? Biotechnology is any technique that uses living organisms to make or modify products for getting good seeds. Biotechnology can solve agriculture problems and make farming more efficient and profitable. Because of drought, pests, and poor soil conditions, farmers get a big loss every year. Biotechnology produces more nutritious and better foods. With biotechnology, plants naturally protected from insects and diseases. These processes produce plants with specific beneficial traits and plants without undesirable traits. So that, farmers can reduces the losses and eliminate losses. Farmers will not suffer losses. They also can meet the needs of consumers with better products quality, efficient, and fast. There will be no hunger or shortage of food in the society again.

                Farmers should use the biotechnology because it does not have to wait a long time of harvest. Biotechnology very useful and give farmers easier. And the result will be great and could savings the time. It also gives many advantages for humans’ life.

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