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the example of narrative essay

Narrative Text

There was a man who worked at one of the biggest company in the world. His named was Rendy. He is a smart person in his office. Not only smart but also he has a good pyscical, it made many women liked him. But he has bad attitude like a red rag man and always puts off something until tomorrow. He always got punishment from his manager, because he always put off his work until deadline was over. This was that made the manager was see red to him. But, behind Rendy’s problem there is a silver lining to solve his problem.
Once in a blue moon Rendy got an important assignment from his manager. Why did it call like that? Because, it would be the last assignment that the manager would give to him. If he wouldn’t finish that assignment, he would get out from the company. The manager gave three months for him to do that assignment. And Rendy has promised that he would finish that assignment.
The next day, in the pink in he planned to do his assignment. But, it was in his mind. He just played the game in his computer and jocked with his friend when they were working. But, they friend didn’t laugh with his jookes. He thought that the assignment was too easy for him, so he didn’t do that. All of day, he has just played the game, talked with his friend, or just walked around from one place to another place in that company. It has two months ago since he has been given an important assignment from his manager, but he still didn’t do anything for that. He also still thought to put off it until tomorrow.
A week later, out of the blue the manager came to Rendy’s desk to ask about the assignment. Rendy was shocked when he saw the manager came to him. He couldn’t tell anything about his assignment because the assignment wasn’t done by him. The manager was blue in the face while he heard that Rendy didn’t do the assignment. On the other hand, Rendy tried to make his manager was believed to him that he would finish that at that time. Finally, the manager believed to him. After the manager went out from his desk, he fell relief. He turned on the computer and tried to do his assignment. But, he just has online or seached something that he wanted.
Today is the deadline of Rendy’s assignment, but Rendy didn’t prepare for that. He forgot if today is the deadline. So, he became to busy and confuse to start te assignment. The assignment will collect to his manager this afternoon, if not he will go out from that company. At the afternoon, the manager came to him. The manager was hit the silling to him, because Rendy didn’t finish the assignment.
Rendy got a punishment, because of his bad attitude. He really regret it and he thought to change his life is better than before. He also tries to never put off something that he got and more respect to another people.

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